Good day,

I want to welcome you to my blog. Let me introduce myself. My name is Brigitte Bergeron. My personal mission as an affiliate marketer is to help people find what they are looking for in 2023 and learn along the way as I begin this journey.

I write my own articles based on personal experiences and research 🙂

“You will notice that I may insert a few affiliate links here and there. These will allow me to be compensated while you still get what you want at no extra cost to you. These links will be for what I consider may be of value to you.”

Who Am I?

I come from a family of four children where education was important. No wonder, both my parents were teachers. I also chose that path and have been teaching for over 29 years now! Time sure flies!  When the pandemic hit, I certainly wasn’t ready for that. Having to teach online to young students was definitely challenging! This allowed me to learn a lot and reevaluate my core values as a teacher. So following that year, I decided to pause for a while. Today, I continue to work part time as a teacher following what falls under my personal beliefs and my desire as an educator.

Life Changes

Well, I know that my career as a teacher is nearing the end. Although I do know that deep down, I will always find ways to teach, it is time to find a different way of applying my skills as a teacher.  As a life-long learner it seems impossible for me not to be learning something new that keeps me interested, fulfills a desire as well as helps others. Through my research, I found affiliate marketing and what it has to offer. This got my attention and I knew I needed help to learn so I looked for the best options that are available and trust me, there are many! Once I partnered up with one partner and business, that is when I started building my own business.

Yes! Affiliate marketing is available to anyone who wants to learn new skills and is able to apply themselves consistently.

Follow me on my journey!