Are There Really Any Challenges Facing Beginners in Affiliate Marketing?

Are There Really Any Challenges Facing Beginners in Affiliate Marketing?


The journey of an affiliate marketer doesn’t come without its challenges. Here, I will expose three of them, and include the solution I have found to help me in the process. Never give up, there are ways to make it when we want to.


First, I must confess…  I  had and still have a lot of fears as I am on this path. Not only do I have fear of failure but also failure to succeed. What happens if I don’t make it? What if I am not good enough? Will I be trustworthy?  What if… ? What happens when I make it big? Will I be ready? How will I react? What will happen…? How will people react? Are they going to like what I share? Why would people follow me? What… ? Why…?

Confusion, Confusion

So, as part of the learning, there are times when I am confused! Yes, you heard right: confused! So I go back, read again what I have read once or twice, watch a video once, twice… and listen back, taking notes. Go read some more.  New teachings aren’t mastered the first time around.  

Danger of the Dream

One of the dangers however is if you start listening to everyone out there and there are a lot of people out there making money and some of them are selling you THE dream. However these are unrealistic expectations for beginners. Not to say that there isn’t money to be made here.  But it does take time and often, as beginners, one quits just before making it. Remember the old saying: Rome wasn’t built in one day.  Well, the same is true here. Affiliate marketing is a business built one step at a time.

There are solutions! 

Read a Book

A while ago, I finished reading the book The Iceberg Effect. The Untold Secret of Affiliate Marketing Success that helped me start in affiliate marketing. It was helpful for me to get the big picture. I read it periodically, put it down and would pick it back up.  It is an easy read as they say!  It shares the personal journey of Dean, someone who succeeded as an affiliate marketer, after years of failure! But most importantly, it contains the four core areas of focus to succeed in affiliate marketing and so much more. There are multiple books to choose from.  Pick one that speaks to you.


As a teacher, I understand that when one needs to learn a new skill or new concept, it is easier when someone models it for you, gives you time to practice and ask questions before doing it on your own. Knowing that, and reading Dean’s journey was so inspiring that I decided that mentoring would be one part of my journey. So I did research and selected Dean to be a mentor for me.


While there may be obstacles such as confusion, fears or even unrealistic expectations to becoming a successful affiliate marketer, just to name a few; there are solutions such as educating oneself and finding great mentors. I invite you to share with us your challenges and what has helped you resolve them.

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