Are you Trapped in Learning?

Are you trapped or ready to apply what you have learned??   

Over the past year, it has been a steep learning curve from the business aspect as well as on a personal level.

And let’s face it, I identify with being a lifelong learner and I don’t want to stop learning!  It keeps my mind sharp and I love knowing new things and seeing various perspectives.  

For that, I am not the same person I was years ago, not a month ago and not even yesterday. I have learned a lot!

I am privileged enough to be able to keep learning so may as well use what life has given me.

BUT… I am also aware that it is easy to stay in this learning loop and it can become a trap!

What do I mean?  

It isn’t just about what I learn, don’t get me wrong, knowledge is great!  It is also about applying what I have learned. And although I have been able to recognize and acknowledge times when I was stuck, I also know that I trapped myself in the learning loop and was not totally applying what was being presented to me.

What has been great over the month of December is that my mentor has been literally taking us by the hand, teaching and guiding us into learning a new system called Affiliate System  and we get to apply what we learn via the small “homework” that we get. 

By doing so, it seems like my understanding of what I am doing is greater and even if there are glitches, the outcome is that something is being done about it. Above all, my knowledge of the new system makes sense.  That isn’t counting the room for exploration that we have within the system. As we move forward, we are applying more and more.

Part of learning this new Affiliate System, I get to embrace what is new and I also let go of false ideas that I had or misunderstandings that I had created along the way.

I can’t wait to continue sharing with you what Affiliate System is about. 

I am curious if you are like me where learning is important without forgetting to apply what has been learned. What are your thoughts on this subject?

8 thoughts on “Are you Trapped in Learning?”

  1. The best to integrate a lesson is to apply it hands-on. Learning is one thing but what you learn must find its application somewhere. In affiliate marketing you need to learn the right things to make your business successful. So to keep progressing to this goal, you apply what you learn. That is, learning and doing are part your proven plan.
    Thank you Brigitte! Wish you a happy new year! May you reach your goals in 2024!

    1. Thank you Martin! Yes, taking time to apply immediately what we have learned certainly makes it easier to retain also. Yes, moving forward I will apply things faster rather than keep on getting “hooked” on the learning 🙂
      Wishing you Bonne Année also!

  2. Brigitte,

    Like you I am a life long learner and enjoy learning new things and find myself jumping around instead of stick to one thing at a time. I heard a quote the other day, “There is a lot of knowledge in the world but little wisdom is applied”. This hit home. I was gaining a lot of knowledge but wasn’t taking action to gain the wisdom need to be successful.

    I have made adjustments to change this and it seems you are doing the same. I wish you not more knowledge but greater wisdom in applying the knowledge you have.

    You Got This!

  3. Hi Brigitte,

    It’s true about what you said about staying stuck in the learning cycle. I used to be guilty of that. Also, many times I just put my notes away and forget what I just learned. I’ve done this for years. Only until recently finally I’ve been taking major action steps.
    It is also much easier to take steps an apply what we learned whenever we hire a coach to guide us.

    Albert recently posted…WHY Do I Want To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

    1. Thank you Albert! It is true that when we hire a coach it seems to make ti easier to apply the steps.
      Makes me wonder if it isn’t more of an accountability piece here! Being accountable for our accounts towards the coach we hire but most important to ourselves!

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