Importance of Planning

Have you ever thought about the importance of planning?  Not that I don’t have any experience with this… It is an integral part of my job as a teacher. Here is what a glimpse of what happened this week.

 As you may be aware of, I am taking part in training with my mentor and learning about a new platform Affiliate System.  So as part of this online course, we do have weekly “homework”  as it is called.

Well after a week of being busy, I got online today to realize that the weekly assignments have not been completed. Can you believe that? 

The funny thing is this, in the private Facebook community we are part of, people were asking questions and I was thinking to myself: I wonder why they are asking these types of questions, they must be more advanced than me. Just so you know, that was judgment free zone but I was still puzzled.

Well the answer is quite simple: they were completing their weekly assignment!!!!

I felt stupid for a moment and I reflected back on why I hadn’t even clued in about not having the work completed.

Easy: I got busy with life and didn’t set aside  the 1- 2 hours a day to focus on my online work.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything. I did my blogpost, replied to some of the comments,did some blog hopping,  and attended the weekly Q&A session.

What is the lesson here for me: when I plan my week, actually schedule the time in my daily planner  that I will spend on my business and stick to it.  Set weekly goals. Write down daily activities I plan on doing, even if it doesn’t come to fructation. Adjust and reevaluate my daily activities as I move forward during the week.

Can you guess what I will be doing over the next few hours?

I am curious you have made planning part of your weekly activities? Or would  you share other ideas or tricks you may have implemented to keep you  focussed on your journey.

3 thoughts on “Importance of Planning”

  1. Brigitte – sounds like you have got a plan for sticking with your goals! It is so easy to slip back into bad habits and before we know it we’ve let weeks go by without making any effort to work on those things that will actually lead to change in our lives. I’ve really been trying to be much more mindful of how I am spending my time and have cut way back on TV shows or time spent scrolling on social media and rededicate those hours towards working on my own online business. I have made so much more progress in the last few weeks by sticking with that commitment to myself.

    Best of luck!

  2. Planning is certainly a skill that we need to stay on top of. I myself have problems planning out much farther than a week at a time for my affiliate marketing business. And typically I am leaving this to a day-to-day task. But our leader, Dean Holland suggests we plan out every 30 days.

    The thing that helps me along is that I have a book that is dedicated to my task lists day by day. I create that list the day before. And I check each task off as I complete them.

    But when it comes to planning for a vacation – I take THAT on with enthusiasm…Where are we going? What airline? Which Resort? I do very well with that type of planning – and I miss it. It is certainly my intent to get back to that type of planning again in the near future.
    Robert Klein recently posted…The ProcessMy Profile

    1. Planning for 30 days can be challenging, like you I can do one week at a time with specific daily tasks to follow.
      Agree that planning fun events is much easier and the energy is there.
      I do believe that with affiliate marketing, it is the daily actions that have a compounded effect that is followed by concrete results.
      Thank you for sharing your planning journey Robert!

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