Starting Again?

Start Again?

Here we are, starting all over again… But am I really starting all over again or rather continuing following multiple hurdles, twists and turns?

You will notice that I am changing the style of my blog. It will be more like a personal journal taking you along on my documented journey. In another word, you will see my evolution as I progress on this path.

Here is how it started earlier this year. Just to recap, I started sometime in April, before another life changing moment occurred in my life which slowed me right down. Took my breath and legs away from me for a short period of time.  However, let’s face it, life happens to every single one of us.

In the summer, with the best intentions,  I started working on my blog again. Fall arrived and well, the truth is, I did look elsewhere and tested other waters, tried “new shiny objects” as they are commonly referred to. I thought other ways may work faster, be easier. 

This brought about different knowledge and I tried new things. I had interesting things happen to me with a particular social media.

In the end, to be totally honest, fear, shame, discouragement crept back up and I froze… 

Total inaction on my part…

Was this all wasted time. NO.  I actually learned a lot!  

So why start again now? Or should I say, continue on this journey…

Where I struggled a lot was with alignment with what I was doing. I needed to dive deep down and find a way that would resonate with who I am, truly. It wasn’t easy however, it happened! Remaining authentic has been key to my reengagement in the process.

Although life may change in the blink of an eye, it is also wonderful in the sense that one person can commit and recommit to doing something. And that is where I am right now!  Choosing to no longer abandon myself and recommitting to this journey.

I wish there was a linear way to make it but, I firmly believe that all the twists and turns are part of the learning journey.  As a result, I am becoming “teachable” once again!!

I can’t wait to see what the future will bring

If you are interested, tag along as I will continue sharing weekly what is happening.

4 thoughts on “Starting Again?”

  1. Hi Brigitte,
    Thank you for sharing with honesty about your struggle. I also started around the same time you did and like you said, life happens and there are setbacks. I relate as I had some family to care for, then my own health to focus on. It’s been challenging to be consistent with this online business. You haven’t given up and it sounds like you never will give up! Keep it up and looking forward to follow your success!
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…Setting Up for A New Year – Positive Transition & Change 📈My Profile

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement Denny! Being honest with ourselves and others allows us to take responsibily for what we do. You are so right about consistency! I do believe that it is one of the key to succeed online: consistency.
      Look forward to following you on your journey!

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